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Creator/Executive Producer Andrew W. Marlowe and Producer/Writer Terri Edda Miller reveal their favorite part of the show, the Castle and Beckett relationship and debut an unaired Castle and Kate moment from the season 4 finale. (x)

debut an unaired Castle and Kate moment from the season 4 finale.


from the season 4 finale










That’s a “Look” :’)

i love “the look”

"The look" hasn’t changed

"I like our story."


Home is where the heart stops. | (requested by: anonymous)

I love this scene, how warmly welcomed she is into the heart of the family.



"I mean she’s practically family. I care about her too."

I’m not the biggest Alexis fan, but I would like to see them develop this story line a little. Beckett will never be her mom, and “sister” is an odd word to use, but she is a great role model. I also think she could be a confidant . Meredith isn’t there and Martha is “on the wrong side of 40”, so Beckett can be there to help her. However, then the question becomes, where is the line? If Alexis tells her something major, does Beckett tell Castle? There are just a lot of different ways to go

"When someone accuses you of being “childish,” I think you should take it as a compliment.” 

Stana Katic

Stay with me, okay? Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.


  • “He’s funny. He’s very nice, very kind. We didn’t realize that we were both Canadians until we had both been cast. It was nice to sort of bond over these Canadianisms that we would squeeze out every now and then. He’s a sweetheart an absolute sweetheart . He’s lovely it’s true. He really is a lot like his character it’s great! Nathan’s been there, done that. There is always something or the other he advices me on. He’s a whole lot of fun and is solely responsible for the way in which the show bounces back and forth naturally. He’s adorable. He tortures me sometimes by bringing me wine gums from Canada, because he knows that I’m addicted, but apart from that he’s a pussycat. He’s super funny, loves to make other people laugh. We have a great time working together. He’s like the big brother who gives me advice, I can always rely on him” -Stana Katic
  • “Explaining the chemistry between two people is impossible. It’s not something you can work on. They have it or they don’t.” -Nathan Fillion
  • “Nathan and Stana are amazing…You give them something to do and they just go. They have some of the best chemistry of anyone I’ve ever photographed. They play with each other so well. You give them a set of handcuffs and so many fun things come out of it.” -Bob D’Amico, ABC photographer
  • “Complicity is born between us immediately. It can not be explained and     even less worked or copied.” -Stana Katic
  • “Stana and I get teased a lot. We’re both Canadians and we’ll be throwing out words and neither of us know it’s a problem.” -Nathan Fillion
  • “And then, of course, we get a wonderful casting. We get Stana Katic. She’s so very easy to get along with. She’s so very sexy. And you know what? She’s a beautiful girl. She is a beautiful lady, right? In real life, on camera… I don’t know if she’s more beautiful in real life, or if she’s more beautiful on camera. It could be debated.” -Nathan Fillion
  • “You are only as ever good as your partner right. So I’m really lucky to be able to bounce off someone like him. With a talent like him.” -Stana Katic 
  • “So do you like castle and beckett together, is that something you want to happen?”                                                                       "Oh of course, even watching them tonight I mean they are adorable i mean, also working with them on the set. i mean honestly speaking, I already felt like there was a couple in there because I mean the energy was so dynamic on the set. You know, I mean, so i don’t know what the situation is off camera you know what i am saying. But I had a great chemistry the whole time, I mean i really enjoyed being around them on set" -Glenn Herman(angry man in building in “After Hours”)
  • “We’ve been spending every day together working side by side and it’s great to know that I can count on the person I work with” - Stana Katic
  • "How are you getting along with your partner, Nathan Fillion ?"  "Very well, he really is someone extraordinary. With Nathan, everything started during casting. I didn’t wear the right shirt. It was too long. I found Nathan at the coffee machine and asked him to cut my shirt. He did ; producers came out right that moment and we got the gig. This chemistry between us was evident right from the start.” - Stana Katic
  • "Nathan says he feels he doesn’t have time to fall in love or for his friends really. Do you feel the same ?”                                        He’s right. We spend a lot of time at work. 9 months out of 12 we’re filming CASTLE, the remaining 3 we work on other projects. So yeah, it’s true, he’s my work husband and I am his wife.” - Stana Katic
  • “The chemistry is natural because Nathan has aptitude and love his work. It’s easy to play with him. He’s very generous on the set, and is on hand towards the other people.”  - Stana Katic
  • "Stana can play chemistry with a wet paper bag. She has an intrinsic understanding of how to play it and just how to find the language." - Nathan Fillion
  • “Nathan became the go to person to be like, ‘Nathan, what is this all about?’ He’s already done network television and even soaps and things like that. I remember that there was this one scene in the first year where the director came up to me and said, ‘Stana, I need something from you because I have an act-out here.’ I didn’t understand what an act-out meant. I thought that an act-out meant like a dance-off or something. I was like, ‘What? You need a barrage of thirty five reactions?’ This is what I’m thinking in my head and then the director walks off and I’m like, ‘Okay,’ and this the first time I’ve worked with him and of course I’m new to being on a set for that amount of time and am feeling a little bit green. I turned to Nathan and I said, ‘Nathan, what is an act-out? Does it mean to do forty different faces?’ He started howling. He said, ‘No. It’s like a suspended moment at the end of the scene so that they can go into commercials and come back,’ and then he gave me this really great thing that I guess soap opera people have. You give that look. So those three thoughts can carry you through an act-out apparently.’ So he’s a lot of fun and obviously he’s the older brother character for me as far as learning about the ins and outs of the television world.” - Stana Katic
  • "She sings like a bird". - Nathan Fillion
  • "Stana is like a delicious cake. She knows the language of seduction and we have fun together” -Stana Katic
  • “Stana is as serious as a heart attack about her work. She’s got this binder. She kind of dogears pages, she highlights, she writes notes. She has this binder with her all the time. And when I’m not doing a scene, I’ll often be reading a book or playing a game on my iPhone or Twittering. She’s got her nose in her binder, drawing notes and folding pages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody work so hard.” — Nathan Fillion
  • "When I saw Stana, I told to myself : “My God, it’s gonna be an absolute hell to work with a so beautiful girl!”  But, lucky us, we’re both perfectionists, and immediately, we encouraged each other to give our best in every episode” - Nathan Fillion
  • "The first time, I found Nathan too much self-confident. But i found out that he’s a simple man, attentive and most of all very courteous with women." - Stana Katic
  • “He’s just a genuinely, nice, level headed guy, that comes through in his character” Katic recalls a day of filming in downtown LA where the crew inadvertently blocked the entrance, to a new restaurant, upsetting the owner. Moving quickly, Fillion bought food for the crew from the restaurant, tweeted an endorsement of the place and gave the owner signed photos to hand out to fans who would be coming by. “In spite of all the goofiness and glibness, there’s deeper waters running there. And when you see glimpses of that, it really draws a girl in.” - Stana Katic
  • “I like Nathan, and hopefully Nathan likes me” - Stana Katic
  • “I love that rumor because it is so not true. They adore each other.” “Those two… If Nathan didn’t have a girlfriend, you’d think Stana was his girlfriend” -Tamala Jones
  • Nathan: “Stana, you have a really neat trick that says, ‘I’m into you.’ You’ll be looking in my eyes and then all of a sudden, you’ll look at my mouth and then look back at my eyes. It’s just a little quick flick, and it starts everyone’s hearts thumping.”                                                                                       Stana:“I wasn’t aware I did that!”
  • “After 4 years we know each other pretty well and I know I can count on her. She has a way with the juridical jargon and the interrogation scenes! She’s super professional! ” -Nathan Fillion
  • “Let me talk about one thing about Nathan and Nathan’s and my camera chemistry that everyone seems to be so riveted by. Um, I don’t know that you can…force that kind of thing, I think that there has to be an element of it already there.” -Stana Katic
  • “We went out to dinner like a couple of nights beforehand, and the two of us are hanging around and Nathan worked in New York, so he knows New York a bit better. And he’s like, “Do you wanna go walk through Central Park, I’ll show you around a bit.” And I’m like, “Yeah, that’s fantastic.” And we’re walking around and we hear music off in the distance and we’re like, “Oh we can just go check out what’s playing.” So we go on the other side of the park, we go and check out the fountain and so on. And then we take a couple of steps towards that place near the fountain and we just both stop and are like,”Is that Duran Duran?!”  -Stana & Nathan first date
  • Stana: ” Actually we hate each other!”                                ”Nathan: “Absolutely! I cannot even watch her! No, seriously there is an inexplicable chemistry between us.”                               Stana: “Complicity was born between us immediately. It cannot be explained and even less worked or copied.”
  • “I’m not going to scale it, but he’s a great kisser! And I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth there!” - Stana Katic
  • "They’re just so great together, onscreen. It’s very, very interesting, because they’re very different people, and then when they’re onscreen together, it’s just magical." -Jennifer Beals
  • Stana: Nathan is talented and lovely and such a kind costar and actor.                                                                                        Nathan: And…                                                                        Stana: And gorgeous                                                            Nathan: And…                                                                        Stana: And genius and smart and he’s strong
  • “How is it working with the gorgeous Stana Katic? You two seem to mesh real well together.”                                                      Nathan: “It just keeps getting better and better. And thank you.”
  • “Have you guys seen Stana? She’s beautiful, seductive, it really isn’t hard for me to play with her. She acts without making any mistake. The tone, the position…everything is always perfect.” - Nathan Fillion
  • Interviewer: “You guys look really matchy matchy.”                           Stana: “Too much, right? I have the stripes and you have the stripes.. Too much.”                                                        Interviewer: “You are together, you dress alike.”
  • "What is the sexiest thing about Nathan Fillion?"                                                                                  Stana: “I think he’s super talented, a kind guy and, he’s good looking, and so I think the combination of all of them. He’s very smart and very fun.”                                                                   "Do tou love that?"                                                               Nathan: “I do”                                                                    Stana:”It’s true, but there you go”
  • Stana Katic: “Didn’t you guys have to pull back on some of the chemistry for the first episode?”                                           Andrew Marlowe: “Yeah, there was a little bit of concern that you guys looked like you were gonna go to bed in the second episode” - Castle Commentary Season 1 Episode 1 “Flowers For Your Grave”
  • Stana: “Ok so I had this extra long shirt and I didn’t have time to go and get another shirt and so we grabbed some scissors and Nathan cut off my shirt for me. And than I got the role.”          Nathan: “It’s true. I was cutting the clothes off of her … at her screen test. Has nothing to do with why she got the part.”
  • "The story is based on the attraction between the two main characters, which is you, and of course.. Castle. And we’d like to know if this attraction is also happening in real life."              Stana: “Oh so you wanna know if I’m making out with Nathan Fillion in real life? I think Nathan and I have a really great chemistry as friends and as co-workers, and everything as far as chemistry’s concerned I think starts first of all with great writing and so the writing is there already to give that kind of back and forth between the guy and the girl character. And then obviously just having an actor that you can bounce that with is really nice and a lot of fun. Now if we’re making out behind the scenes, I can’t really tell you guys that.”
  • "What do you like about each other?"                                  Nathan: “Her memory. She’s so fast learning her lines! I need more practice."                                                                       Stana: He never takes himself seriously. The guy here is a bubble of air on legs that can only wait to burst.
  • “so, it’s true. he’s my work-husband and i’m his work-wife.” -Stana Katic
  • It’s weird, because somebody asks him something and I answered for him, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, have we gotten to that point? Am I answering questions on your behalf now?’ You work together long enough, you get to know each other to a degree, and we also like each other as cohorts, as colleagues, so it’s easy finishing each other’s sentences.” -Stana Katic
  • “It’s clear that Stana and I do love shooting this show, and you can clearly see it onscreen.” -Nathan Fillion
  • CNN: Has Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s chemistry surprised you over the years?                                                                         Marlowe: Nathan was generous enough to sit with us as we read 125 or 130 actresses. There was something special in the connection that he and Stana had. There was a tension that was fun and interesting — it was that lightning in a bottle chemistry that you look for, and we were fortunate to get it. We were thrilled with what we had.
  • We interviewed a lot, a lot of women. Nathan was very kind when we got down to the final few, he came in and read with them. With Stana, clearly there were sparks. Not to mention a tremendous talent.” -Terri Miller
  • Stana: Nathan’s easy to work with. He’s got a fabulous sense of comedy and timing and so I have learned a lot from him. It’s been great to just be able to kinda sit and ride this thing with somebody that I think is seasoned? Can I say that?                                          Nathan: Sure that sounded a little old but alright, let’s go.   Stana: But you know what I mean you’ve done some of this stuff before.                                                                            Nathan: I’m old, I got it.
  • “and then you get to kiss a hot girl!” -Nathan Fillion
  • “Stana and I spend almost every day together, and it’s nice to know that you can count on the person you’re working with. I admire her because she has to memorize a lot of lines. I am not ashamed to admit that it’s her who bears much of the work. We are a united team.”-Nathan Fillion

Let me remind these moments…

stanathan ♥

6 fav Beckett’ outfits; asked by beefcustardthing


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Richard Edgar Alexander Grammar Nazi Rodgers Castle.